White Paper: Underdetermination - The missing link of marketing analytics

Underdetermination The missing link of Marketing Analytics-Apr-20-2022-11-49-26-15-AM

Why this white paper?

The underdetermination concept is one of the main reasons that good internal analysts are significant in the marketing analytics teams. Statistics on its own is not enough, human operators still have a critical role to play in the process as multiple theories can fit and explain the same set of data.

How can marketers ensure that their data is being accurately interpreted? Adopting better marketing analytics techniques can be an option but having skills such as industry knowledge and company insight, are essential to make quicker and more precise decisions.

Here is what will be covered:

  • - The concept of Underdetermination
  • - How to deal with Underdetermination in marketing analytics
  • - How data owners ensure their data is being accurately interpreted
  • - Underdetermination in action

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