White Paper: Earned, Owned and Paid Media in Marketing Mix Models

Why this white paper?

It's a complex world for marketers. Brands no longer control the way consumers interact with them. Consumers are in control. Once we accept that consumers are in control, we free ourselves to focus on what matters – building products and services that truly add value, communicating messages that are clear and compelling, and executing the type of advertising that drove most marketers to become marketers in the first place. But analytics needs to keep up with these changes as well.

Nested Modeling as part of Marketing Mix Modeling is a simple way to recognize the fact that consumers control their own brand interactions. This type of modeling allows you to account for, unite, and better understand your earned, owned, and paid media activities.

Here is what will be covered in this White Paper:

  • What is Nested Modeling
  • How Nested Modeling can unite and help you better understand your Earned, Owned, and Paid media actions
  • The benefits of using Nested Modeling as part of your Marketing Mix Modeling