Portfolio reallocation for the post-Coronavirus re-planning

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The live event has already taken place, but now you can watch it on-demand!

Why this webinar

The Coronavirus Crisis has wrecked the plans that all brands have for 2020 and 2021. The assumption that marketing will work in the “new normal” as it did in the past needs to be tested and reviewed. Everything is different - categories/countries are impacted very differently – some win and some don’t.

  • Effectiveness may have changed

  • Priorities have been re-evaluated

Brands need to plan their budget accordingly, avoiding new threats and capitalizing on new opportunities. Portfolio optimization can be a difference in making or breaking a business during this period.

What you get if you register

To help you we have decided not only to host this webinar about portfolio re-alignment in the wake of the Coronavirus Crisis but also to give you an extended trial of our portfolioQED software together with full access to a new eLearning course that will help you review and optimize your investments for long-term success.

With this package, you will learn how to

  • Design the correct analytical framework for your business

  • Review the current baseline projections

  • Determine projected response to different investments

  • Best allocate resources under different priorities to maximize revenues – typical revenue improvements of 2% and 5%

  • Set the right-sized budgets to maximize profitability in the short and long-term – anywhere from 10% to 30% might be typical