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MMM, MTA, or both?


Key topics include:

  • The role of MMM and MTA in shaping marketing strategies
  • How MMM and MTA have changed over time 
  • Exploring case studies showcasing successful strategies, challenges faced and key takeaways 
  • Q&A session


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Why you should watch this webinar


Are you a marketer struggling with budget planning and understanding the impact of your campaigns on ROI? 

Don't miss this dynamic live panel discussion where industry experts explore the evolving landscape of marketing analytics. In an era of rapid change, with cookies deprecation, top funnel analytics challenges, understanding the intricacies of Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) and Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA) becomes crucial for digital success. 

Our panel, featuring Marcel van der Kooi, CEO ScanmarQED, Brian Cusick, President North America ScanmarQED,  Milan Knapp, Product Owner at Roivenue, Bart de Pauw, Chief Business Intelligence Officer of GroupM, and Lee Beale, Managing Partner of Crossmedia, discuss MMM and MTA, exploring their profound impact on business results. 



Learn from industry experts



Marcel van der Kooi

CEO, ScanmarQED





Brian Cusick

President North America, ScanmarQED





Milan Knapp

Product Owner, Roivenue




Picture 2
Lee Beale

Bart de Pauw

Chief Business Intelligence Officer, GroupM

(Guest Speaker)



Lee Beale

Managing Partner, Crossmedia

(Guest Speaker)