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Walled Gardens of Facebook (and others) finally cracked: Introducing Synthetic Impressions™


In this webinar, SVP Global MTA, Pavel Sima, will answer these questions:
  • Why do Walled Gardens represent such a problem to attribution?
  • How can Synthetic Impressions accurately assess the contribution of impressions served via any walled garden platform?
  • What are typical results? (Including real-life data from a major electronics retailer)
  • How can you test drive this latest MTA innovation and which platforms are already supported?

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Ever since the Cambridge Analytica scandal of 2018, Facebook closed off their impression data to third-party measurement tools meaning that objective evaluation of 25% of global digital ad revenue has been impossible to achieve for years.

To exacerbate this, many other platforms including Pinterest, Snapchat, Tiktok, and Youtube, followed suit making measurement and attribution going beyond clicks highly unreliable to say the least.

All that is changing now, thanks to Roivenue’s Synthetic Impressions technology.

Roivenue, a leading Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA) provider, recently acquired by ScanmarQED, just introduced an innovative method based on Synthetic Impressions that correctly assigns 90+% of impressions to converting customer journeys, finally cracking the longstanding problem of Walled Gardens and making the true ROI of display formats a reality.

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Pavel Sima

SVP Global MTA