Marketing Mix Modeling Platform - MMM2Go​

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About this webinar

We believe that the marketing effectiveness market needs to change in terms of approach. Traditional marketing mix modeling (MMM) solutions have some drawbacks from a process perspective. In this webinar we look at:

  • How the data landscape is shifting
  • New challenges for MMM (not forgetting that the current ones remain)
  • How measurement expectations are accelerating – potentially ahead of data and analytical capacity
  • Why in-house MMM solutions are gaining in popularity

To address these changes we have developed our new marketing mix modeling platform solution - MMM2Go. In this webinar, we want to introduce you to this exciting new capability that we believe meets these and future market needs and will show the business benefits. Join us in exploring MMM2Go!

What does the webinar cover

  • The current state of MMM
  • Some of the key challenges facing the industry
  • Introduce our new solution to these challenges - MMM2Go