Building and Using Marketing Mix Models ​in the COVID-19 Economy​

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Why this webinar

The world has changed beyond anyone’s expectations and it shook the whole economy. To react, every business wants to quantify the impact of COVID-19 as quickly and as accurately as possible. Luckily, under certain conditions, modeling can be an effective way to do this.

  • The bad news is that you probably do need to change your models to work in the current situation.

  • The good news is that they are fairly well-suited for that.

To help with getting the most out of your Marketing Mix Modeling during and after the COVID-19 economy, we have decided to host a webinar solely devoted to this subject.

What did the webinar cover

  • What is the base in a Marketing Mix Model and why is it now more important
  • Data sources to consider and criteria for final selections
  • Likely changes to model fitting criteria
  • Communicating model results and forecasts, what’s likely to change