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Explore the power of optimization for Nested Modeling


What will you learn?

  • What is a nested model?
  • What are the benefits of nested modeling for Marketing Mix Modeling?
  • How do you create a nested model?
  • How it can help you with optimization?
  • An example of nested modeling in action using our software


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The world of marketing is ever-changing. The way consumers interact with brands and respond to marketing touchpoints is forever developing across paid, owned, and earned activities. The amount of data being generated and the number of KPIs associated with marketing is also growing and that’s where nested modeling comes in.


A nested model helps you represent the relationships (or network) between your advertising and the multiple connected KPIs that are influenced by it. For example, your television advertising campaign doesn’t just influence sales performance directly – it also has a big indirect influence on consumer behavior in terms of online search activity or retention rates. With nested modeling, you can calculate the direct effect of an activity on sales performance as well as the indirect effect it might have via other metrics it influences.

We are proud to announce that nested modeling will now be available as a module of our QED software.

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John Dawson

Managing Director