Demystifying GA4 the facts on attribution modeling in Google Analytics (1000 x 250 px) (3)


The digital world has undergone a significant transformation with the recent shift from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 (GA4). GA4 introduces Data-Driven Attribution (DDA) modeling, but its practicality has left marketers with questions. 

 This webinar will demystify the attribution modeling in GA4, making it accessible and actionable. Through six real-life examples, our experts provide an in-depth analysis comparing GA4’s Data Driven modeling with Roivenue’s innovative AI modeling.   

In the webinar, Pavel Sima, SVP of MTA global, Roivenue, and his guests discuss a range of topics, including: 

  • - What is the attribution problem? 
  • - Why is GA4 DDA not sufficient? 
  • - What is the difference between GA4 Data-driven Model and Roivenue AI model? 
  • - How do the attribution models fare in different business contexts, thereby offering valuable insights into their strengths and limitations? We will be examining six case studies to gain a comprehensive perspective. 
  • - How can you test drive Roivenue’s AI model and which platforms are already supported? 

Get ready to navigate the changing landscape of web measurement with insights that will shape your analytics journey. Don't miss this opportunity to set sail on a new era of digital understanding and grasp its impact on your organization’s ROI. 

ROIVENUE™, part of the ScanmarQED family, is a leader in data-driven marketing attribution. Our AI model helps you understand your marketing data, measure channel effectiveness, and allocate your budget wisely. 


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