Make better business decisions by connecting your internal and external sales and marketing data


Key takeaways:

  • How has Covid impacted market research data and the way of analyzing data?
  • Which additional data sources will help you get a more complete picture of reality?
  • Key principles of solid data warehouse layer
  • Examples

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Consumer trends have shifted more rapidly than ever before, which makes it more difficult for reports to reflect an accurate image of reality to minimize risks in business decision-making.

Companies have started to build data lakes but keep having challenges with building advanced diagnostics to evaluate, optimize and forecast revenues. Connecting different sales and marketing data sources at the most granular levels also brings challenges.

This webinar will help you get familiar with how to build a solid foundation for your analytics and understand some of the best practices.

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Ivo Bock

Market Research Data & Negotiation Expert


Wâtte Roskam

Senior Vice President Innovation