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Improve the effectiveness of virtual teams with collaborative analytics



  • How you can quickly and effectively share answers to any analytical questions
  • How you can get automatically updating reports that use all your data sources
  • How you can easily build presentations with always up-to-date dashboards and storylines
  • How you can boost collaboration within your analytics teams 

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In the current situation, there is no other option than to work remotely, but at the same time, quick insights and swift yet informed decision making has never been as important. Effective collaboration within the company is crucial in reacting to the current economic situation.

  • It is not enough to just visualize data and create reports, you need to also facilitate effective online cooperation between your analytics team and decision-makers.

Sharing insights needs to be quick and seamless with the ability to provide background and comment online. You can't lose any analytical effectiveness nor decision making speed while working virtually to mitigate the negative effects of working from home.

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