Doing more with less: How technology can help research agencies better service their clients


What will you learn?

  • How to use brand tracking data to provide guided analytics and diagnostics?
  • How can Brand tracking data interact effectively with client data?
  • How can Market Research Agencies adopt new technologies to service their clients in an automated, always-on way?

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Why should you watch this Webinar?


Brand health tracking is an important part of the offering of many research agencies. However, with revenues and margins under pressure, costs are perceived as high. In the meantime, alternative data sources (many digital and passively measured) compete with traditional research. This all results in lower samples, less frequency, and requirements for faster throughput times.

This webinar will provide Market Research agencies with new ways to position and broaden the use of brand tracking. It will help to put these studies again where they rightfully belong, namely at the core of the marketing process.

  • We will look at ways to transition brand tracking deliverables from backward into forward-looking and predictive insights.
  • We will show how this data can be used in conjunction with other data sets and analytics of your end client, including how to move from reporting into guided analytics and diagnostics.
  • We will show how Market Research agencies can adopt new technology to provide this in an automated, always-on delivery to their end clients, boosting up revenues and profitability.

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