A Marketing Mix Modeling Capability Journey with Take 5 Oil Change: Internal, External or both?  

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Why should you watch this Webinar?

Marketing Mix Modeling is a common way to measure the business impact of marketing activity. It was traditionally an analysis performed by specialized firms, something that happened outside of a brand team.  But today’s business culture is about enablement and building out capabilities. Despite this trend, many teams are hesitant to take on additional responsibilities and many marketers have come up through the ranks, being told that only experts can build and use MMM.   

This webinar will show you how one brand built an internal capability safely and without giving up the value of subject matter experts. 


Questions we will answer during the webinar:

  • Why might a brand team want MMM to be internal?
  • What are the risks of in-sourcing? 
  • How can 3rd party experts play an ongoing role if the analysis and tools sit with the extended brand team? 
  • What lessons were learned in this particular case?


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Brian Cusick

Senior Vice President North America ScanmarQED

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Mike DeTrana

Associate Vice President, Marketing Driven Brands, Inc.